Solix rolls out data collection solution for healthcare

The Solix Common Data Platform enables data lake, enterprise archiving and advanced analytics for healthcare organizations.

Solix May 01st 2017 A-A+
Solix Technologies, a big data application provider, has announced the Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) for Healthcare, a uniform data collection system for healthcare data featuring low-cost data storage and advanced analytics.
With global healthcare spending in excess of USD 6.5 trillion, there is an increasing spotlight on managing healthcare costs. The Solix Common Data Platform for Healthcare ingests structured and unstructured data, such as medical imaging (EMR/PACS), IoT/sensor data, diagnostic lab results, and billing data - “as is” into an enterprise data lake built on low-cost infrastructure running Apache Hadoop. The Solix CDP for Healthcare is designed to provide support for advanced analytics to improve the clinical decision process, patient experience and quality of care.
Gartner stated in its 25 April 2016 “Predictive Algorithms That Healthcare Delivery Organizations Are Using to Improve Outcomes” report, “Healthcare transformation and modernization globally are focused on patient enablement and personalized medicine, proactive management of high-risk populations, and real-time insights and actions.”
“The dawn of big data has created many new opportunities to improve all facets of healthcare operations, but also several challenges, forcing healthcare providers to adapt,” said Dev GnanaDev, Chairman of surgery at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and former president of California Medical Association. “Establishing a comprehensive Information Lifecycle Management framework through a common data platform ensures that healthcare organizations are better prepared to take these challenges head on.”
“Big data and analytics play a significant role in measuring and managing healthcare outcomes, and the Solix Common Data Platform for Healthcare is well suited for this move,” said Raj Popli, Director Healthcare Business at Solix Technologies.