‘Demo’ zeroes down on the brightest startups of this year

CIO India’s Year Ahead cherry-picks the most promising fledglings in its second ‘Demo’ session in India.

One of the many things we pride ourselves on, is the fact that we identify and zero-down on fledgling companies that have proven themselves – the shining stars on the horizon.
As a part of this vision, we highlight some of the companies we’ve identified and focus on the solutions these companies have to offer, and what makes them differentiators in their space. Demo focuses on matured, VC-funded startups that have proven themselves with solutions that are truly innovative and sustainable.
The companies selected for the ‘Demo’ session were picked from a comprehensive list of startups across various verticals.
AutoVRse stitches VR with automotive tech
AutoVRse is a virtual showroom and design studio. Founded in early 2016, AutoVRse is India’s first premium virtual reality product firm.
The fledgling organization was conceptualized when a team of automotive engineers from BITS Pilani harnessed virtual reality to solve persistent challenges in automotive design and the sales pipeline.
AutoVRse was founded by Ashwin Jaishanker, Akash Jatangi, and Adarsh Muthappa. Its VR solution offers an intuitive understanding of 3D models, allowing reviewers to better your design.
In addition to this, AutoVRse’s solution cuts down on manufacturing overhead and by collaboratively reviewing and modifying multiple designs, helps attain a shorter feedback loop.
Buzzinga harnesses social media
Buzzinga is a product spin-off from Headrun Technologies, an IT services firm started in 2011 with a vision of bringing advanced technology to solve practical problems. What started as two guys coding away in a spare balcony is now a bootstrapped team of 75 buzzing ‘Headrunners’.
Among the founders of the company is Prashanth Azharuddin. The company was chosen amongst the Nasscom 10K startups.
Having built an expertise on data crawling and aggregation from various ad-hoc projects, Buzzinga is the flagship product from the stables of Headrun, and aims to simplify social for clients.
Over time, Buzzinga, which started off with global social listening has evolved into a platform that also aggregates owned media for clients and BuzzWall displays for social engagement.
Inventrom – making IoT possible for the enterprise
IoT, no longer a mere buzzword now, is transforming everyday physical objects that surround us into an ecosystem of information that will enrich our lives.
But creating, implementing and managing IoT applications is a complex process in itself, and that’s where Inverntrom steps in. Pranav Pai Vernekar, co-founded Inventrom to solve this problem with the BOLT IoT Platform.
A lot of enterprises do not have the capabilities and skills to make in-house IoT a reality, which may include secure network connectivity, storage, big data analytics, and the ability to scale up new services and ongoing integration and fine tuning.
This has resulted in a fragmented ecosystem with concerns about privacy and security. Inventrom makes IoT implementation seamless with its ability to stitch in security, scalability, and analytics.
CloudCherry is the real-time, omni-channel, customer experience management platform. It is programmed to track, measure, improve and deliver an enhanced customer experience. They work with leading brands, thereby accelerating profitability and customer loyalty. 
Cloudcherry enables its customers with a feedback software to have a refined understanding of customer-behavior. This platform is customization friendly and has its clientele from the retail, e-commerce, banking, insurance, hospitality, healthcare, and aviation sectors.  
This customer-feedback centric tool, tracks down how exactly the customers choose to interact with their preferred brands at a granular level. It is built on an open stack of open APIs, and gives an understanding about what exactly drives customer experience and its nuances. 
The co-founder Vijay Lakshmi is serving as the Chief Evangelist and Head of Enterprise Sales at CloudCherry. 
R2 Robotronics
R2 ROBOTRONICS, is a Drone Swarm Navigation System (DROSNAS). This is meant for enterprise deployment of drone swarms. It is a cloud based platform for enterprises using drone systems. Aman Singh, the CEO, calls R2 Robotronics an ‘operating system for drones across any business.’ R2 is carrying out projects in healthcare and is working with farmers for profitable agriculture as well. 
This platform also provides configuration services for drones. They manage drone delivery, drone surveillance, among others. It facilitates third party applications to be linked to this OS. The operations of the drones are hence not limited to geographies, applications, and platforms.  
Empass aims to make corporate and professional learning not just bite-sized, but extremely adaptive and enjoyable. That’s what they indicate with the tag-line – ‘Play, Learn, Grow.’ It uses gamification to assess strengths and skills for not just recent graduates but young professionals.
It works with a gamified mobile-based application for micro-learning and the users of this app can be tracked real-time. This platform enables customization with micro-certifications for users. Jaydeep Singh is the founder and CEO of Empass. 
Altizon is a digital enterprise in the manufacturing industry.  It is rather an industrial IoT platform with data from over 30 countries. It connects manufacturing equipment to its clients through its platform Datonis, which is backed by data-analytics and machine-learning algorithms.
It is programmed to therefore give a real-time feed through its dashboard and is meant to ease operations for supervisors. Emphasis is given to understanding aspects like maintenance, operations and machine down-time through its refined analytics. This means it touches upon areas like energy and supply-chain apart from manufacturing. 
Vinay Nathan is CEO and co-founder of Altizon Systems.
Additional inputs from Priyanka Ganwani