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Topic : Adobe Linux Users Get Chrome Or Forget Flash 230152012


Microsoft adds another layer to the Windows 10 patching onion
Cisco Jasper package manages everything enterprise mobile
Security is main driver for enterprises migrating to Windows 10
TCS launches Aadhaar-enabled Merchant Pay for retailers
Microsoft finds another use for LinkedIn with CRM integration
CEOs rate productivity 'very low' from emerging tech
Technology is biggest rising priority for CEOs in 2017
Deep dive on AWS vs. Azure vs. Google cloud storage options
Read all about IT: CEOs see IT as more important than ever
IBM service will use Watson to unlock data insights from video
'Millions' in enterprises expected to buy Galaxy S8
Users' orders: Make it easier to build hybrid clouds
G Suite vs Office 365 - What's the best office suite for business?
Microsoft rolls out new Azure migration tools, resources
Apple will return heat generated by data center to warm up homes
Microsoft commits to a permanent schedule for new Windows 10, Office updates
MongoDB database as a service offering goes global
Trump’s H-1B reform resolves few questions
Facebook Relay JavaScript framework simplifies API

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