Anand Mahindra offers to fund desi social network; gets rave response

Mahindra group Chairman tweeted that he is willing to provide seed funds for a desi social networking platform that is 'widely owned and professionally managed and willingly regulated'.


Facebook is currently facing a lot of heat, after Cambridge Analytica scandal. Many have deleted their profile from the social media site, including the likes of Elon Musk. The latest India twist to the story is that Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra Group, has suggested fellow Indians to bring out their own social media site ideas or suggestions, and he is willing to help them with the seed capital.


Mahindra tweeted, “Beginning to wonder if it’s time to consider having our own social networking company that is very widely owned & professionally managed & willingly regulated. Any relevant Indian start-ups out there? If any young teams have such plans I’d like to see if I can assist with seed capital.

Amid his tweet on Monday, Mahindra was surprised to the hundreds of reactions, then he tweeted, “Thank you all for the flood of responses, suggestions & proposals. Please copy your tweets to my colleague @j_bindra who will work with me on this exploration. If nothing else, it should be fun...”

Ravi Shankar Prasad, minister of IT, responded enthusiastically to Mahindra's initiative.


Mahindra was surprised to see how many have responded with their ideas and suggestions. He quickly asked Jaspreet Bindra, SVP of Digital Transformation at Mahindra, who suggested a blockchain-enabled social network which could be a great idea.


After getting huge response Mahindra again tweeted on Wednesday, ”To say I’m overwhelmed by the responses to my call for social network startup proposals would be an understatement! @j_bindra & I have our work cut out for us.. The good thing is that it’s clear there’s an explosion in entrepreneurial energies in this country. Let the games begin!”

Mahindra is known for his inspirational and humorous presence in the micro-blogging site.