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Anonymous India Hacks Kapil Sibal's Official Website

The Indian arm of the famous hacking group is back in the limelight after hacking the official website of India’s communications and information technology minister, Kapil Sibal

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Anonymous India is back with a vengeance. This time, Kapil Sibal bears the brunt of its rebellious fury. The Communications and Information Technology Minister's website was hacked by Anonymous #OpIndia today.

The official website's “About” page read: "Kapil Sibal is the world's biggest retard. Born with a below 60 IQ he thought he could mess with the Internet and let the elite of his party suppress freedom of speech."

The Twitter account of Anonymous India, @opindia_revenge was abuzz with activity. On being asked about what prompted them to hack the minister's official website, the representative said, "He used the words "Victims of freedom of Expression". He is hiding the fact that #66A is breaking the internet media."

The news doesn't come as a surprise as Anonymous India's Twitter page has been advocating freedom of speech for a long time now. In May this year, the group had claimed responsibility for hacking government websites of the Supreme Court and the Congress party to protest against ISPs’ blocking Vimeo and other torrent websites.

Hacking Sibal’s official website looks like Anonymous India's retort against the abnormalities in the IT Act. A statement that Sibal made at a recent World Economic Forum meeting in Delhi seems to have touched a raw nerve with the hacking mastermind group. Sibal had defended the said Act: "There was nothing wrong with the law, but the police should not have arrested the man." Here, Sibal was talking about Ravi Srinivasan, a 46 year old businessman from Pondicherry who was arrested for tweeting against Karti Chidambaram, a politician and son of Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. Srinivasan had tweeted that he (Karti Chidambaram) had "amassed more wealth than
Vadra." He was charged under Section 66A of India's Information Technology [IT] Act, after the junior Chidambaram filed a complaint.

Other recent incidents such as the Facebook update by Shaheen Dhada, which was liked by her friend, resulted in infuriating Thackeray fans and led to their arrests, effortlessly bringing to light the irregularities in the law.

The government has now proposed to amend Section 66 (A) of the IT Act. As per the proposal, the government will set new guidelines for officers dealing with the act in order to take some measures while registering such cases. You can either join your hands in applause or protest. Nitin Pai, a prominent personality on Twitter who goes by the handle @acorn and is also the editor of Pragati – The Indian National Interest Review, chose to do the latter. He opposed the hacking incident by calling it "not only wrong but stupid." He added, "This allows him (Kapil Sibal) to conflate hacking and free speech.

With additional inputs from Eric Ernest.