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CIO 100 2013 Special Awards - Security Supremo

Added 9th Sep 2013

Today, successful organizations depend upon their ability to collaborate, communicate, and share information online. Established tools, such as email and the Web, are now more important than ever before, while emerging Web 2.0 applications, blogs, and social networking sites allow organizations to work in new, more efficient, and innovative ways. Yet these technologies also expose businesses and other organizations to a variety of new and emerging information security risks. The Security Supremo Special Awards acknowledge the Indian enterprises that have dared to take the risk and best addressed the security, risk, governance and compliance landscape to keep business value high.

Rolled out an app security testing framework across 550 applications? Developed a holistic model to ensure better operational threat visibility? Envisaged a data confidentiality strategy to minimize data loss? Effectively protected sensitive customer information? Created a multi-layered security architecture that keeps enterprise content highly available? Fostered a robust process for staying in sync with the fast-changing regulatory environment? Past winners of this special award category have done all this and more. “All business is risk. Without risk there’s no reward. That’s why it’s critical to take a holistic view of threats, security, governance and compliance to keep business value high,” said Vijay Ramachandran, Editor – in – Chief, IDG Media.

From tarnished brand reputation to regulatory fines, the adverse impacts of data breaches are clear. Just a single incident of data loss can erode a business’s competitive advantage, weaken consumer confidence and result in fines or penalties from regulators. The problem is exacerbated by the rapid proliferation of mobile devices, widespread use of peripheral devices, and easy access to file-sharing software — all increase the risk of data loss and data theft. According to CVG Prasad, CIO, ING Vysva Bank, and a jury member of the CIO 100 Awards, “It has always been a challenge to get budgets sanctioned for IT security, but things are fast changing now. Enterprises are now willing to invest in IT security without waiting for disaster to occur.”

With the emergence of cloud, mobility, social business, big data and more, the boundaries of business continue to extend and dissolve. As a result, risks posed to confidential or proprietary information, business continuity, financial stability, brand reputation and even governmental control are increasing steadily. Thus it is critical to strategically manage IT and operational risk end to end. “The Security Supremos are those individuals who have responded well to the changing IT landscape to mitigate risk arising externally as well and internally,” said Dhiren Savla, CIO, VFS Global Services and a member of the jury.

As organizations face tighter requirements around privacy, they also face a mounting challenge in countering advanced threats. Developing security intelligence—the ability to predict, identify and react to potential threats proactively—is a key priority in this new digital age. Even the best warriors need a strategist to win over the complex security battles. Websense’s dedication to stand and fight this battle along with the CIOs, makes them the preferred choice for CIO to present the Security Supremo special awards.

Highlighting that cyberthreats broke new ground with mobile devices, while reaching social media, John McCormack, CEO, Websense, said that online criminals also stepped up attacks via email, web and other traditional vectors. “This year, like the ones before has seen unprecedented activity ranging from cyber criminals, nation states, and a lot of hackers and activists out there who are after our organizations. No one is really safe, and at Websense, we pride in building platforms that help our customers deal with a broad spectrum of threats,” he said. Presenting the awards for the fourth year in a row, he said “We are proud to listen to our customer’s stories, and recognize the brave CIOs who have faced down cyber criminals and reduced the risks for their organizations.”