Developing an omni channel approach in the digital age: Francis Rajan, Premier Airways

Francis Rajan, Executive Vice President, Information & Communication Technology at Premier Airways highlights that today’s customers expect a fully integrated response to new requirements and enterprises should take an omni-channel approach to address them.

Sejuti Das Nov 24th 2016

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Francis Rajan, Executive VP, Information & Communication Technology at Premier Airways believes that customers are always the most imortant part of any business and business success is solving customers' problem.

As the journey of digitization is dynamic and competitive, today’s customers increasingly expect a seamless and personalized experience which the current multi-channel models are unable to provide. Therefore, to have a fully integrated response to these customer requirements the strategy has to be both customer-driven and omni-channel in nature.

Rajan described omni-channel as a synchronized operating model in which all of the business’s channels are aligned and present a single face to the customer, along with one consistent way of doing business.

“Omni channel is an enabler of the continuity of CX. Omni channel service orchestration facilitates an enhanced CX, as it does create a synergy across multiple channels. Hence an omni-channel strategy could indeed be a game changer,” said Rajan.

With an omni-channel strategy, businesses effectively operate as a single channel, developing high-value customer experiences across all touch points, which in turn makes the customer experience seamless, consistent and personalized.

The old multi-channel approach is now being replaced by a comprehensive, customer-driven approach, which responds dynamically to customer requirements who are constantly re-evaluating what they want to buy and from who they want to buy it.

Businesses, in turn, leverage new technologies to develop personalized and comprehensive marketing strategies to deliver enhanced customer experience. “The pundits of brand and customer service management state that businesses which end up with the best possible interpretation of all omni channel data and understand their customers’ requirements, would be the true winners,” said Rajan.

He believes that customers in their journey would get to display a new dimension, be it purchase, price or services. So when businesses think CX, they need to think omni- channel approach. “It is no longer about our customer or their customer but it’s about all customers.”

Omni-channel is now the realization of social business. Businesses witness today that every digital customer before a purchase does go through the process of research, then selection, and finally makes the decision and that's how the sale gets effected.