Driving the new digital workplace: Google

As CIO’s, we should not only make new technology available for our consumers but for our employees too, says Mohit Pande.

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Mohit Pande, Country Head - South East Asia and India, Google Cloud, today addressed a gathering of  eminent CIOs at CIO Year Ahead, 2017, spoke on CIO’s being the new strategist and the marriage of machine learning and analytics. 

Pande started off by talking about how the 350 million people in India who have access to internet are ditching laptops and PC’s and are going on cloud completely. He said that the consumers are hopping from one technology to another overnight. 

“Modern workplace is evolving. It’s all about we and less about I. It’s all about consumers now,” said Pande whose work experience spans start-ups as well as companies such as Novell and Microsoft, prior to joining Google.

Pande said that today companies like Pinterest, AirBnB and Uber have a higher valuation than the traditional enterprises who have been in the field for over a decade. “It indicates that we are living in a time where the traditional enterprises have to evolve,” he mentioned. 

Speaking about the CIO's role, he said that CIOs are the new age strategists and are a core part of a company's transformation. He also noted that in most of the enterprises, our consumers use better technology than we provide to our employees. “There is an opportunity for us to make technology more agile for not only for our consumer but also for the employees we hire,” he said.  

70 percent of the CEOs stay up at night thinking that their businesses will get impacted significantly or get disrupted. “As a result, the CIOs need to run faster or they might be lacking in a race with technology. In 1957, the average age of a company was 75 years as compared to last year which is ten years,” he said. 

“Digital companies do perform better and that’s a fact. Innovation is not a department usually. In Google, we are passionate about innovation. Until you don’t create a culture for innovation, innovation will not happen,” said Pande. He said innovation should not only be the dream of a CIO but also of the whole enterprise. 

Pande quoted Eric Schmidt who said that the most important thing that Google really works on is machine learning.

Machine learning really allows you to cut time and when machine learning and analytics combine, the enterprise is sure to touch new heights. . 

Pande concluded the session by talking about how G-Suite, Google translate and Google Cloud are helping enterprises to work, connect seamlessly and generate more productivity. More than five million companies have gone on Google.