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Major Indian bank debit cards hit by malware, banks play it cool
Yahoo asks US for clarity on email scanning controversy
Russian hacker group used phony Google login page to hack Clinton campaign
Politics keeps the U.S. from securing private-sector networks, says former CIA chief Robert Gates
Google is turning spreadsheets, documents and presentations into to-do lists
SDN groups shack-up to promote standards, open software development
Facebook wants to replace Yelp with your friends' recommendations
​Hyper-converged hype becomes reality as market heads for growth
Dell EMC aims for a converged, custom fit in an off-the-rack world
Gartner sees 2.9 percent growth in IT spending in 2017
IBM, IAN form partnership to accelerate startup innovation
Microsoft announces SAP partnership to provide public cloud services
Gartner: CIOs need to take a leadership role in creating business ecosystem
VMware introduces new Workspace ONE innovations
DNA testing for jobs may be on its way, warns Gartner
Facebook's 100-gigabit switch design is out in the open
Tim Cook or Bill Gates as Clinton's VP? It was considered
Facebook is leaking valuable younger users
VMware embraces containers with latest vSphere, Virtual SAN updates
Next Windows 10 upgrade due March 2017

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