Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic to be a billion dollar enterprise

The Pan India IT services company will touch one billion dollar revenue within the next three years.

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic will become a billion-dollar company by year of 2020.

India’s IT services and Systems integrator company Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic (HSMC) will reach 6400 Cr INR (approx. USD 1 Billion) within next three years.

The advancements in cloud technology, virtualization, and increasing trend to implement integrated operations in the organization will drive the system integration market demand, as a result of this demand we are targeting 1 billion $ revenue in next 3 years, confirms Rajan Bhandari, COO and Regional director North and East, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic.

“There is always full of challenges in a growth path with the unpredictable market trends and competition. However, it is the flexibility of Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic we can adapt to changes, planned efforts and march ahead to achieve INR 1000 crore revenue for FY 2017-18,” he adds.

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My current vision is powering HSMC into a billion dollar company that leads in global service delivery backed by good growth in past three years as part of Hitachi Systems. From Hitachi group perspective, we are the largest contributor in the revenues.

Tarun Seth, managing director, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

Hitachi Systems contribution is instrumental in the growth of HSMC. “Due to this patronage HSMC has got exposure in terms of process, brand and technologies. Adapting to digital ecosystem through their timely assistance will really help us to be a global 1 billion USD company,” says Tarun Seth, Managing Director, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic.

HSMC plans to set-up our overseas business in middle-east soon. We have also started our focus on acquiring some strategic projects internationally as per Seth.

The management success mantras to grow Micro Clinic grow into HSMC as India’s leading IT services and SI Company has been a stellar workforce, proactive approach instead of reactive and our association with Hitachi brand, says Tarun.

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HSMC & 4 Big Priorities : Rajan Bhandari


Automation in Service Delivery


NOC & SOC capabilities


Digitization using AI and IoT


IT security

2018 will be crucial year for HSMC to become a billion dollar company. “To achieve robust growth, we plan to increase our workforce by twenty percent across India as we expand our foot prints pan India that is our focus in terms of geographical presence,” says Rajan.

The focused technology domains for HSMC will be Business Intelligence & Machine learning, Managed Services, Cloud Solutions and SOC. With the launch of automated service delivery platform HawkEye 3.0, we continue to build our services portfolio using artificial intelligence to provide customers with support 24*7*365, says Rajan.

Tarun as an entrepreneur sold around 74 percent in his founded company Micro Clinic to Hitachi Systems in 2014. Does he plan to exit out completely and sell remaining stake by 2020? “My vision currently is to focus on making Hitachi System Micro Clinic a 1 billion dollar company and a leading playing in global service delivery. The future of Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic is looking bright having achieved the significant growth.”

“Our vast range of technical and service delivery competencies make us one of the key subsidiary of Hitachi Systems in India. ”

Rajan Bhandari, COO and Regional Director, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

Rajan Bhandari, COO & Regional Director, HSMC

“I am clear in my vision to provide an efficient ecosystem of IT to the society and Hitachi has continuously empowered me to do so. However the time to move out has not yet come,” says Tarun.

HSMC fits into the overall global vision of parent company Hitachi Systems. India is the fastest growing market within Hitachi Systems as per Tarun.

“Out of our total turnover, 92 percent of our turnover comes from Japan and the balance 8 percent is from countries other than Japan. This includes 3 percent from India which is significant part of the global revenues,” says Masahiro Kitano, President and CEO, Hitachi Systems.

HSMC : Tarun Seth’s secret sauce for hyper growth Employees Strength


Market Adaptability: Expanding vertical and horizontal growth with geographical penetration.


Skillsets Roadmap: Investing in building up the infrastructure and skilled people.


Technology Blueprint: Proactive approach to keep pace and stay ahead with the technology trends.

The potential in India will make Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic a major technology back bone to our parent company, says Kitano.

Hitachi Systems, with the recent growing trend towards digitalization, will seek to expand business through making group-wide efforts to deploy its social innovation business globally utilizing the group's digital technology.

Has the investment by Hitachi Systems into Micro Clinic in 2014 paid off? Yes, today it is the fastest growing profitable overseas company of Hitachi Systems, says Kitano. The vast range of technical and service delivery competencies of HSMC makes it one of the key subsidiary of Hitachi Systems. From Hitachi group perspective it is the largest contributor in the revenue,” says Masahiro Kitano of Hitachi Systems.


Into the future

The big bets for HSMC in enterprise technology space for India are automation in Service Delivery. “Increased usage of machine learning and artificial intelligence is another priority for Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic.

“Alarming cyber threats have generated the need for unified cyber security solutions that support the enhanced enterprise mobility and strict data disclosure laws. IT security will be a large focus for us in 2018 and beyond,” says Rajan Bhandari at Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic.

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What was the secret sauce to hyper growth vision of HSMC currently and to become a billion dollar company, Tarun says, our employees are the strength of our company as Hitachi values of pioneering spirit, harmony and sincerity are deeply embedded in everyone.

“Adaptability to market vertical as well as horizontal growth – geographical penetration and parallelly investing in building up the infrastructure and skilled people. And having a proactive approach to keep pace with the technology,” says Tarun Seth, MD, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic.