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The Iomega Brand is now LenovoEMC

Added 13th Jun 2013


After carrying the Iomega brand name for 33 years, the company that was purchased by EMC is changing the names of its network-attached storage arrays.

Iomega said this week that its entry-level consumer NAS boxes will now reflect the LenovoEMC Ltd. brand. Lenovo and EMC created a joint business partnership in August 2012.

The partnership includes a server technology development program and a reseller relationship in which Lenovo will provide EMC's networked storage products to its customers, with the two companies bringing SMB products from EMC's Iomega business into the new joint venture.

In edition to Iomega's NAS products, its social media properties rebranded as LenovoEMC.

LenovoEMC also announced an agreement with Acronis to provide True Image 2013 Lite PC backup software with with Lenovo network storage products. Acronis True Image 2013 provides automatic and continuous file backup protection and restore for Windows PCs.

Iomega's NAS family will now come under LenovoEMC

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