Machine intelligence and sensors will drive Industrial Revolution 4.0: Daniel Pacthod, McKinsey & Co
Connecting the dots, connecting the world: Jim McKelvey, Square at NASSCOM 2016
CMOs needs to be data-driven, says James McQuivey, Forrester
Will robots do your job? Global IT leaders debate at NASSCOM 2016
NASSCOM 2016: Disruption accelerating, says Oliver Bussmann, UBS AG
Money will cease to exist, says Yes Bank's Chairman at NASSCOM
Leadership drives big changes, says Oracle CEO Safra Catz at NASSCOM 2016
 Smart Enterprise is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity: N.Chandrasekaran,TCS
Maharashtra CM Fadnavis pitches disruptive tech at NASSCOM 2016
Technology will help entrepreneurs play disruptive role: NASSCOM President, Chandrashekaran
NASSCOM Chairman BVR Mohan Reddy: IT industry will be driven by non-linear growth
It's official: Intel shuts down the cheap overclocking party by closing Skylake loophole
Microsoft previews enterprise-grade setting sync in Windows 10
5G might be your next home broadband service

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