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'Meet' Google's new videoconferencing service for the enterprise
Laid-off IT workers worry US is losing tech jobs to outsourcing
New FCC chairman: Net neutrality rules were a 'mistake'
Enterprises enter the 5G spotlight at MWC
Belong raises USD 10 million from Sequoia Capital India
ItzCash invests in Bengaluru startup Finly
Trump announces budget cuts that may give China tech leadership
Smart cities at the center of Mobile World Congress
HPE, Tata Communications collaborate to build IoT network in India
Uber rejects claims it stole Waymo's self-driving car tech
UN steps in to end marketing war over what 5G means
How big data is changing the nature of policing from reactive to proactive
Cloud companies are eyeing cell services, Nokia CEO says
Alaska Airlines lands industry veteran as new CIO
Freebies from Reliance Jio hasten Indian mobile consolidation
Public cloud services market to grow 18 percent in 2017
Virtual assistants move into DevOps

Virtual assistants move into DevOps

DevOps practices are fueling adoption of ChatOps and VoiceOps, in which IT departments are leveraging Slack,’s Alexa and other like ...

Hybrid ERP matures as companies develop better strategies

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