Four industries Apple is set to disrupt

Though Apple tends to focus on the consumer aspects of its devices and software, the new iPhones and Apple Watch unveiled this week could shake up everything from healthcare to retail and even media.

Key challenges of developing a big data lake

Over three quarters of executives from around the world believe that they would like to incorporate AI into their business practices over the next three years; but now there is no reason to wait as technology is already transforming every aspect of the way an organization operates.

5 data storage trends disrupting the Indian market

The world’s total data volume is growing exponentially every minute, with sizeable data pouring in from banking, insurance and telecom giants, as also from healthcare and automobile sectors, with others following close.

Four API trends in a GDPR world

Here is an exploration of how the GDPR regulations have impacted APIs and how things may pan out in the near future.

India needs a regulatory sandbox for Blockchain

We now face an urgent need to move beyond the evaluation phase and operationalize a blockchain sandbox under the current Indian regulatory framework, which has a laser focus on agile review, outcome-based assessment and shared knowledge of the impact of use-cases across different sectors.

Don’t let data security be your Achilles heel in transformation

The ruthless rampage of Cyberattacks is a worrying trend that threatens organizations of all scale. However, it should not slow down the adoption of latest technology offerings. Instead, devise strategies to ensure that security is met along your transformation journey.

Leverage technology, take banking to the unserved and underserved

MFIs have been able to adapt to the competitive environment, have embraced different business models and have adopted technology to make them efficient and profitable. The transition to a bank would mean leveraging this knowledge to overcome the barriers to financial inclusion.

What’s next for the CIO?

Nearly two-thirds of CIOs now report directly to the CEO and can boast of an evolving and expanding remit. Almost half say they have experienced significant budget increases. Many are in the business of strategic change. Is this change real? How has it come about?

Analytics maturity is critical in an era of automation and intelligence

Though digital businesses are aware of the significance of data analytics, many organizations are still grappling to stay afloat in the oceans of data. Many others are yet to experience the advantages of being completely empowered by data analytics.

HR technology redefines IT spends

Organizations are moving from operating in functional groups to operating as “network of teams.” Everyone in the working world are concerned about the future of their careers with the rise of AI, robotics and other technologies at the workplace. With such fundamental shifts happening, two roles are in the spotlight – the CHRO and the CIO.

How to cut costs when launching a product/service with UX

Good UX design can yield website conversion rates of up to 400%! UX is also a good way to iron out your thoughts, streamline your efforts and orchestrate the entire company’s efforts in order to achieve a superlative customer experience.

Transformation is a culture-shift; organizations have to be culturally ready

Is the organization culturally ready to embrace the transformation charter they have set for themselves? Do they have the conviction to stay with the transformation, however disruptive it may be.