Artificial Intelligence - A Game Changer in Customer Experience

Today, we all are subjected to campaigns and recommendations that are increasingly accurate and delivered using Machine Learning and AI. As per an IDC report, by 2021, customer engagement AI applications alone would add one trillion dollars to the world economy in the form of increased revenue, lowered expenses and improved productivity.

Why is Artificial Intelligence so disruptive?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started impacting our lives, businesses, and the economy in ways unheard of.  Here is my three cents on it.

Alice through the looking glass: On the other side, the IT workforce must be (more) diverse

The myth of the glass ceiling in IT remains a wicked problem. Women have shaped computer science, from Ada Lovelace to Grace Hopper and Mary Lee Berners.

Why autonomous cars won’t be autonomous

The truth is that artificial intelligence is neither artificial nor intelligent. A.I. is made out of people.

Microsoft’s Cortana speaker will go the way of the Zune

Microsoft is doing the same thing with Cortana smart speakers, trying to catch up to market leader Amazon’s Alexa-powered line of smart speakers.

Get ready for an explosion of smartphone innovation

Smartphones are fragile, bulky, distracting, insecure and hard to type on, and they don’t last long on a charge, right? Well, not anymore!

AI will be the real game-changer in insurance

Emerging technologies like IoT, RPA, bots, AR/VR will disrupt the insurance space; but it is artificial intelligence that will revolutionize the entire gamut of operations in the sector.

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Winning the connected omnichannel experience game

The physical and digital worlds are converging, and seamless shopping is table stakes for today’s retailers. These are pushing them to create unified experiences for their customers, with intelligent integration of data to customize every interaction.

Cut costs and enhance security with Layered Banking

Digital banking came with its own set of security apprehensions, thus hampering user experience and limiting customer acceptance. Layered banking evolved as a response to security concerns and to ensure a secure banking environment.

Three technological disruptions banks face and how to win the race with test automation

The industry is replete with test automation tools, both licensed and open source. Choices are far too many and it is challenging to identify the right tool. Investing in a wrong tool can rake in excess costs, and also bring down employee morale.

Technology can be fabulous than humans as your asset manager

Asset classes abound, investments have become diverse and complicated. A few progressive UHNIs have adopted the family office model. But most are still dependent on chartered accountants, bankers and investment advisors. Risks are many; solutions are available.

Challenges of implementing RPA in Logistics

Each process workflow is unique to how it’s practiced in a logistics company. This requires a customized approach to integrate all these different processes and automate them end-to-end.The biggest challenge is the lack of pre-built automation solutions that can seamlessly fit across any workflows.