Cloud computing has encompassed the entire enterprise. With advantages like low cost, increased flexibility, improved collaboration efforts and the fact that the adoption is on a huge scale, the move to cloud is inevitable. Now, with millennial entering the workspace and taking decision-making roles, cloud adoption is more than just a need of the hour, it is now an essential part of the infrastructure to be ahead in the race.

Cloud computing is an IT paradigm shift. The technology is also redefining enterprise IT in all sectors. Cloud is also aiming to close the digital divide, as well as drive innovations by SMBs and facilitating deployment of new applications that would otherwise be infeasible.

The worldwide expansion of cloud IT infrastructure sales is a key indicator of how today’s enterprises see cloud computing as the conduit for growth and expansion in a global digital economy. Multiple factors contribute to the success and growth of cloud in the Indian enterprise scenario. Cloud advertising, software as a service, and business process as a service are some of the critical categories of cloud adoption.

In this knowledge vault, we aim to provide the necessary resources such as whitepapers, articles and views from industry leaders and peers that you can use to leverage the cloud strategy further for your business.