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SOTD: 71% of India’s CEOs are confident of their company’s revenue growth prospects over the next one year
Cushman & Wakefield CIO builds innovation through partnerships
Indiabulls processes loans faster with bots on Facebook
NASSCOM calls Trump’s bluff on H-1B row
SOTD: 68% executives say their CEO is a champion for digital
Tech firms crowd into San Francisco, but it’s still no Silicon Valley
AI is a catalyst and game changer in the CRM domain
SOTD for CIO: 45% of CIOs will focus on platformization, using DevOps for cost reduction and enterprise agility, by 2018
How Brexit will impact global CIOs and IT services
Polycom appoints Marco Landi as President for Asia Pacific
Boeing turns to 3D-printed parts to save millions on its 787 Dreamliner
How to build IT competencies for the AI era
For the futuristic CIO: Embrace DevOps with cloud
SOTD for CIO: 5.5% - Percentage growth in spending on enterprise software over the last year
Strong U.S. dollar weighs down on global IT spending: Gartner
EBay folds Indian operation into local retailer Flipkart
SOTD for CIO: $3.5 trillion – Projected worldwide IT spending in 2017
Career progression takes precedence over ethics in corporate India: EY
Economy boosts CIO budgets, as A.I. helps IBM, says Morgan Stanley

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