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From tape to hybrid cloud: Bright skies ahead for Evalueserve
Don’t take Oracle’s cloud-superiority claims too seriously
Oracle’s new licensing model could give AWS a run for its money
Google releases Cloud IoT Core to the public, putting security features at the forefront
6 cloud cost management tips

6 cloud cost management tips

Looking to avoid monthly cloud sticker shock? A cloud cost management strategy that makes use of containers, capacity pre-purchases and more will ...

What is multicloud? The next step in cloud computing
A peek into the tech behind Amazon, Flipkart annual sales
A distributed architecture is key to operating in multi-cloud: Kit Colbert, VMware
Transforming business with cloud infrastructure
Dell EMC merger accelerates digital transformation in India
Amazon opens competition for new headquarters location
Google invites private networks into its cloud
Future of Cloud Computing and Cognitive in India
Mohit Pande, Country Head-India, Google Cloud
As Salesforce passes USD 10 billion run rate, CEO targets USD 20 billion

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