NTT Communications launches 2 new datacenters in India

These two facilities will expand NTT Com’s datacenter capacity (server room) in India by 70 percent.

Fake products? Only AI can save us now

The arms race is on: Counterfeiters will use AI to create convincing fakes; smart enterprises will use AI to fight back.

The top 5 change management tools

With digital transformations on the rise, change management software is becoming increasingly recognized as a necessary tool to help companies transition smoothly.

Google to enter e-commerce business; Flipkart, Amazon might suffer huge losses

If the reports are to be believed, the tech giant is expected to launch its services by Diwali, later this year. 

Sachin Bansal - In 90 seconds

Know everything about the man who gave India its biggest e-commerce platform- Sachin Bansal.



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STT GDC launches new datacentre in Bangalore

This announcement marks the commencement of the company’s multi megawatt capacity expansion plan spanning across major cities in the country.

ESDS launches MTvScan 2.0 with HSMC as India’s exclusive partner

The new version is equipped with deep-scanning technology that is designed to prevent smartphone-based phishing scams.

Raymond’s virtual mirror gives customer a digitized experience in store

Raymond is currently running a beta version of using virtual mirrors in their brick and mortar stores. This gives the customers a view of how the finished suit will look on them. 

How the Flipkart- Walmart deal has turned tables for the Indian e-commerce system?- Explained

The Walmart- Flipkart deal is said to change the way Indian e-commerce operates. In this episode of Explained, we are trying to draw a rough sketch of the future of Indian e-commerce ecosystem and the legal speculations revolving around the Walmart- Flipkart acquisition. 


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Flipkart-Walmart deal: What works and what does not? 

Walmart bought majority stake in Flipkart for USD 16 billion last week. CIO India spoke to industry veterans and analysts to understand what works and what does not work in the deal.

CIOs need to drive tech innovation to bolster customer-centric mentality

CIOs have an “influential role to play” in not only leading transformational change across the organisation, but in steering the company towards a more customer-centric approach.