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The ultimate guide to becoming a database administrator

The database administrator is a critically important role in many of today’s IT departments and by extension, their organizations overall.

Intel is stocking up for the next wave of digital disruption

With the industry poised to usher in cloud, IoT and 5G, what truly constitutes digital transformation is allying with the right technology partners. And Intel has what it takes to help the new age CIO digitally transform his business operations.

Cisco appoints Miyuki Suzuki as new president for APAC, Japan

Miyuki Suzuki has been promoted to president for Asia Pacific and Japan and is in charged of regional revenue growth across 18 markets.

IoT, Cloud have the biggest potential to disrupt IT risk management: Survey

44 percent of large-sized enterprises cited IoT, and 35 percent cited the cloud as having the most potential to disrupt IT risk management in 2018 and beyond.

Cut costs and enhance security with Layered Banking

Digital banking came with its own set of security apprehensions, thus hampering user experience and limiting customer acceptance. Layered banking evolved as a response to security concerns and to ensure a secure banking environment.

IndiaChain: Inside GoI's blockchain network

After decrying the use of cryptocurrency, GoI has become serious about adopting blockchain across governance systems. Will it work?

What makes the digital payments space in India an unguarded minefield

In wake of the National Cyber Security Coordinator’s startling revelation of 1.5 lakh online transactions being compromised every day, digital payment companies in India are walking on thin ice when it comes to protecting user data.

Three technological disruptions banks face and how to win the race with test automation

The industry is replete with test automation tools, both licensed and open source. Choices are far too many and it is challenging to identify the right tool. Investing in a wrong tool can rake in excess costs, and also bring down employee morale.

What is transformational leadership? A model for motivating innovation

Growth and change are inevitable in IT, but transformational leadership can inspire workers to embrace change by fostering a company culture of accountability, ownership and workplace autonomy.

Technology can be fabulous than humans as your asset manager

Asset classes abound, investments have become diverse and complicated. A few progressive UHNIs have adopted the family office model. But most are still dependent on chartered accountants, bankers and investment advisors. Risks are many; solutions are available.