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Disrupt or be disrupted: ROI of digital transformation

Any organization with hopes of growing (or even doing business) in the future must adopt new tools, platforms and processes to thrive in the ever-changing world of technology. Digital transformation is happening in every industry, at every level of government and in academia far faster than most experts predicted.

Challenges of implementing RPA in Logistics

Each process workflow is unique to how it’s practiced in a logistics company. This requires a customized approach to integrate all these different processes and automate them end-to-end.The biggest challenge is the lack of pre-built automation solutions that can seamlessly fit across any workflows.

Alok Ohrie: Our idea is to present digital as an opportunity for unprecedented possibilities

Alok Ohrie, President and MD, India Commercial, Dell EMC, believes Dell-EMC is best poised, as a consolidated tech company, to play a significant role in Digital India.

NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2018: Sessions you can’t miss on the final day

Here is a list of the sessions that you should not miss on the final day of the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2018, on February 21st. 

Paytm cries foul; NPCI directs WhatsApp to follow standard rules

WhatsApp recently announced its venture into payment banking system and amid this update Paytm founder alleges foul play by the former.

Risky AI business: Navigating regulatory and legal dangers to come

Artificial intelligence poses a wide range of hidden and unknown dangers for enterprises deploying the technology. Here’s how to guard against the legal and compliance risks of AI.

Everything you think you know about blockchain is wrong: 6 common myths

There’s obviously value in the blockchain but what are the common myths that many undermine the technology? Forrester analysts uncover six common blockchain myths.

How an old world organisation shapes up for new world digital business

Digital business is creating a new world that old world organisations must learn to live in. Many of those successful in the old world for decades or even centuries are unfit to compete in today's business environment.

Creating a digital society: Can we learn something from Estonia?

Estonia has noticeably more women than men. Some of its residents participate in a sport called ‘wife carrying.’ Others enjoy what looks like a high risk swinging activity (no, not that kind). Everyone loves to sing and use Skype.

Project managers still not delivering? Maybe it’s time to get rid of them

Did you and your team return to work this year full of vim, vigour and good intentions? Were you silently hoping the perennial poor project management performers had made a New Year’s resolution to work to the best of their ability, be a team player and communicate openly and honestly? Has that happened?