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Trump seeks to upgrade US government IT services
Why Steve Ballmer could fix the U.S. government
Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic scripts a blockbuster fiscal
NASSCOM calls Trump’s bluff on H-1B row
Pavan Duggal on why Indian banks lose the security plot
MobiKwik to not levy 2 percent on credit card recharges
HP launches Centre of Excellence in India
U.S. immigration data is on paper and a mess, says report
Lawmakers try again to stop call center offshoring
U.S. suspends fast-track H-1B processing, blames backlog
Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solution for businesses available in India
Uber’s CEO needs some serious mentoring – fast
Snap soars on IPO, now what?

Snap soars on IPO, now what?

Snap began trading on the New York Stock Exchange today and shares soared. The company -- now valued at $28.33 billion -- has no profits to speak ...

Intel shows how smart cities are constantly communicating
Trump says offshoring displaces ‘our best’ American workers
Indian companies to invest more in cloud over next three years
Adobe unveils cloud-based digital signatures
Veritas takes on dark data; helps slash storage costs
New FCC chairman: Net neutrality rules were a 'mistake'

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