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Disrupt or be disrupted: ROI of digital transformation

Any organization with hopes of growing (or even doing business) in the future must adopt new tools, platforms and processes to thrive in the ever-changing world of technology. Digital transformation is happening in every industry, at every level of government and in academia far faster than most experts predicted.

How CIOs can align IT with business strategy

Technology holds an essential role in the business stage and the alignment of IT and business strategies has become an indispensable feature for any organisation’s success and functionality. Here we see what IT governance is all about and which frameworks are the most popular.

5 trends in tech talent that will define your company's future

The six most valuable companies in the world are almost all household name brands (Alibaba would be in China and Alphabet being Google’s parent). And all are technology companies. Apple has spent decades setting the standard for hardware, while Amazon has shifted our expectations in retail.

All govt agencies in Indonesia to appoint a CIO, presidential decree mandates

As part of a new presidential decree, all government agencies in Indonesia must now appoint a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to coordinate the tech efforts within each agency. The CIO will collaborate with businesses, ministers, and other CIOs to ensure that e-government integration efforts are carried out nationally.

Nutanix’s Beam forays into enterprise private cloud

Beam will also now provide a global multi-cloud view so customers can visualize cloud spend patterns from a single dashboard.

What lessons can Southeast Asia learn from China’s digital revolution?

As China continues to make digital waves, are there any lessons countries in Southeast Asia can learn from its successes?

Top 10 strategic IoT technologies and trends: Gartner

Analysts discussed how CIOs can lead their businesses to discover IoT opportunities and make IoT projects a success.

The pillars of effective, modern, company training

Much has been published regarding education and providing school pupils with the skills that will empower them in a 21st century workforce​. But, far less has been said about training adults that are already in this rapidly-evolving workplace and the challenges it presents.

12 certifications for enterprise architects

Enterprise architect is a vital, growing role for aligning IT strategy with business goals. Whether you’re interested in cloud, applications, software or systems, an enterprise architecture certification can boost your career.

NZQA’s digital transformation: Getting culture right

Digital transformation is a buzzword of the moment, declares Lukasz Zawilski, chief information officer at New Zealand's Qualifications Authority.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is becoming increasingly hard to define, but why is this?