Eximchain launches blockchain-based global supply chain network

Founded at MIT, the innovative startup moved operations to Singapore to take advantage of its position as a trade hub, its talent pool and supportive business environment

Commonwealth Bank pilots blockchain-based ‘smart money’ app for disability payments

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has partnered with CSIRO’s Data61 group to pilot a blackchain-based programmable money app.

The fourth industrial revolution: The rise of the humans

There’s a lot of talk about the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, building upon the third, which used electronics and IT to automate production. The fourth is characterised by technologies that are blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.

Will Aadhaar linking to telecoms and banks be mandatory again?

Mandatory linking of Aadhaar to banks and telecom companies could be restored by passing a Parliament approved legislation, says Arun Jaitley. 

How is AI benefiting industries throughout Southeast Asia?

In this article we explore which industries in Southeast Asia are implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI), including retail, financial services, healthcare and education.

One Network senses Colossal Opportunity with IoT

One Network has built a robust practice backed by vendor alliances as it expects one fourth of its revenues from IoT by end of 2019.

Y3 Technologies COO discusses how emerging tech is changing the supply chain industry

Interview with Gabriel Tho, COO of Y3 Technologies and CIO of YCH, on the supply chain industry challenges and implementation of emerging technologies.

Most consumers have underwhelming digital experiences: Gartner

The specific elements of total digital experience probed were consumers’ level of trust, perceived ease of use, and benefits received, such as saving time or money.

Jim Barkdoll: TITUS looks at India market as fastest growth opportunity

Fresh from investments through Blackstone Ventures, data protection company TITUS is on the growth mode globally, and particularly in India, says Jim Barkdoll, CEO of TITUS.

RMIT launches self-driving car course with Udacity

RMIT Online has partnered with global learning provider Udacity to offer courses on self-driving cars.

Why Elon Musk was forced to step down as Tesla chairman

Elon Musk has been forced to leave his position as the chairman of Tesla. While Musk will still continue as CEO of the company, his exit as the chairman has left many shocked and confused over the incident. 

Fintech in India – Powering a digital economy: Nasscom, KPMG release report

KPMG in India, in collaboration with Nasscom, released the report 'Fintech in India – Powering a digital economy' at the Nasscom India Fintech Day.