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About Netmagic

Netmagic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, is India’s leading Managed Hosting and Multi-Cloud Hybrid IT solution provider with 9 carrier-neutral, state-of-the-art data centers and serving more than 2000 enterprises globally.

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IDC: SD-WAN growth is exploding for at least the next 5 years

Just $225M in 2015, sales of SD-WAN gear will hit $1.19 billion this year as enterprises pick it to resolve challenges created by increasing cloud, mobile, big data and analytics traffic

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The ultimate guide to becoming a database administrator

The database administrator is a critically important role in many of today’s IT departments and by extension, their organizations overall.

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Security risks: What you really need to know

Anyone in security knows that it’s all too easy to feel ready for whatever comes our way. 

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Disrupt or be disrupted: ROI of digital transformation

Any organization with hopes of growing (or even doing business) in the future must adopt new tools, platforms and processes to thrive in the ever-changing world of technology. Digital transformation is happening in every industry, at every level of government and in academia far faster than most experts predicted.

Facilities management: AI-driven enterprise SaaS tech raise efficiencies

AI-driven enterprise SaaS technology would help achieve revolutionary increases in efficiencies by enabling centralised management of buildings in real-time.

55 percent organizations believe workload uptime is the CSP’s responsibility. It isn’t

In the face of the frenzied cloud-adoption spree, organizations are still grappling with pressing concerns around data management. Here’s a look at how Veritas’ 360-degree data management platform ensures business continuity, compliance, visibility, data portability, and optimized storage.

150 years of Business Intelligence: A brief history

A brief history of Business Intelligence from pre-digital times until today

"Every toxic quality of tech" found in job ad for cloud-consultant role

A vacancy for a Sydney-based cloud consultant and platform architect posted on LinkedIn has been roundly criticised on social media for featuring "every toxic quality of tech"​.

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OceanStor F V5, New Storage Backbone of Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud has become a widely recognized direction for development in recent years because it combines the advantages of public cloud (high scalability, low cost) and private cloud (outstanding security, reliability, and performance).