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Surveys show high hopes, deep concerns about IoT
Can the enterprise save Facebook bots?
Facebook aims to crush Snapchat with augmented reality
Facebook claims Workplace success

Facebook claims Workplace success

Workplace, Facebook’s social network for business, is gaining more large customers such Starbucks and Viacom. The service, launched six months ago, ...

Drone software gives offline farmers real-time images
Five pitfalls to avoid when migrating to the cloud
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For the futuristic CIO: Embrace DevOps with cloud
 Consume IT your way

Consume IT your way

Why a consumption-based model is the need of the hour today, and how Flexible Capacity delivers just that. Anuraag Gupta HPE

SOTD for CIO: 5.5% - Percentage growth in spending on enterprise software over the last year
Strong U.S. dollar weighs down on global IT spending: Gartner
University CIO calls on cloud phone service

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