Internet of Things

The oil and the engine, the sensors and the senses

Technologists dream of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) - the day when machines can understand our world and perform almost any task that humans can. 

Agriculture in a connected world: Why IoT holds the key for new age agriculture

IoT offers solution to several problems that the agriculture industry faces today. Here is a glimpse of how IoT can change the face of agriculture in the coming days.

Lenovo ups ante on data center story: Sumir Bhatia

Lenovo is an open and futuristic tech vendor, providing end-to-end solutions from pocket to the data center, says Sumir Bhatia, President, DCG APAC at Lenovo.

Here's how to create a long-term edge computing vision

Edge computing requires a change in thinking from the current IT environment dominated by data centers and cloud-based services. Here are some best practices to consider when building a strategy for the edge.

Top 4 enterprise tech trends to watch in 2019

Security, AI, cloud computing and blockchain are all expected to see significant advances this year.

How to be relevant with dynamic technology changes

Accepting change at the right time, right place and right speed is the key mantra for success.

Internet of Things trends for 2019

The state of the Internet of Things (IoT) market has not quite seen the explosion it did in 2017, rather it seems as though the hype has calmed as vendors prepare to bring a real impact in 2019.

Shiv Kumar Bhasin joins NSE as Chief Technology and Operations Officer

Shiv Kumar Bhasin has joined the National Stock Exchange (NSE) as the chief technology and operations officer. He was earlier the CTO at State Bank of India.

2019 to be a year of both tech challenges and clarity for enterprises

For enterprises, the forecast for 2019 isn’t all doom and gloom, according to Riverbed Technology. 

Industrial IoT, fog-networking groups merge to gain influence

The Industrial Internet of Things Consortium and the OpenFog Consortium have wed to bring together the clout of member vendors Arm, Cisco, Dell, INtel, Juniper Microsoft, others.

39 percent of Indian enterprises are unaware of object storage: Survey

Object-based storage offers cost-effective and flexible modern data management that is often overlooked by Indian enterprises, according to IDC research. 

Top 10 trends impacting infrastructure and operations for 2019: Gartner

Gartner highlighted the key technologies and trends that infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders must start preparing for to support digital infrastructure in 2019.