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Can the enterprise save Facebook bots?
Facebook aims to crush Snapchat with augmented reality
Facebook claims Workplace success

Facebook claims Workplace success

Workplace, Facebook’s social network for business, is gaining more large customers such Starbucks and Viacom. The service, launched six months ago, ...

Has the Indian startup industry not grown up yet?
Google announces major updates to G Suite
Google goes after Slack with Hangouts overhaul
Google gobbles up more big-name cloud customers
Google touts its enterprise chops in cloud keynote
From the Editor: Women CIOs, we need more of them
With influx of IPO cash, what is Snap’s next move?
AWS, Microsoft and Google take different paths to the cloud
Snap soars on IPO, now what?

Snap soars on IPO, now what?

Snap began trading on the New York Stock Exchange today and shares soared. The company -- now valued at $28.33 billion -- has no profits to speak ...

3 ways to gauge employee engagement and satisfaction
How unfilled tech jobs impact the US economy
'Meet' Google's new videoconferencing service for the enterprise
Enterprises enter the 5G spotlight at MWC
Why Facebook is overhauling video (again)
Smart cities at the center of Mobile World Congress
IT project success rates finally improving
Virtual assistants move into DevOps

Virtual assistants move into DevOps

DevOps practices are fueling adoption of ChatOps and VoiceOps, in which IT departments are leveraging Slack,’s Alexa and other like ...

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