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IDC: SD-WAN growth is exploding for at least the next 5 years

Just $225M in 2015, sales of SD-WAN gear will hit $1.19 billion this year as enterprises pick it to resolve challenges created by increasing cloud, mobile, big data and analytics traffic

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Implementing SD-WAN: 5 Key CIO Concerns

Learn how a Managed Service Provider like NTT Communications India/Netmagic helps address some of the major CIO concerns

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4 Steps to Build an Effective SD WAN Blueprint

Here are some of the key steps needed to create a robust, actionable blueprint for SD-WAN implementation

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What is Driving Enterprises towards SD-WAN?

Most technology innovations face some amount of trepidation in its initial phase, and it takes some time before it is adopted by the mainstream.

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Optimize Your Networks with SD-WAN

The dynamic new world of divergent, super-scale data (due to new technology paradigms such as mobile, big data and cloud) has put a lot of pressure on traditional WANs, impacting their consistency and performance.

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The ultimate guide to becoming a database administrator

The database administrator is a critically important role in many of today’s IT departments and by extension, their organizations overall.

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5 things you need to know about Java 9

Here are five of the most exciting changes that should encourage you to adopt Java 9. 

Maximum usership, various new features; yet Facebook & Co lack an Indian head

While the social media giant is scouting for a WhatsApp India head, Instagram and Facebook still lack leadership on ground, despite India being their largest user base.

Asia and Middle East a hotbed of new threat actors in Q1, 2018

Kaspersky Lab’s latest quarterly threat intelligence summary reveals a wave of new APT activity based mainly in Asia and the Middle East, with a number of new techniques used by actors.

Google Dialogflow: How enterprises can use it for chatbot development

At a time when enterprises are searching for innovative ways to automate their processes, Google's full release of Dialogflow enterprise edition is expected to add value in the development of conversational AI tools for improved end-user experience.