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26 big data certifications that will pay off

Data scientists, data analysts and data engineers are in high demand. Here are the big data and data analytics certifications that will give your career an edge.

What is a data artist? A role for drawing IT and business together

Data artists bridge the gap between business and IT by creating data visualizations that can be quickly understood by business leaders to help accelerate decision-making.

Pat Gelsinger: Real 5G build will happen in 2020

As the telecommunications sector aligns its 5G strategy, VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger, said the 'real' build will take shape in 2020.

5 emerging technology trends that will bring humans and machines together: Gartner

Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), play a critical role in enabling companies to be ubiquitous, always available, and connected to business ecosystems to survive in the near future.

Retailer builds a single view of the customer with MongoDB

UK appliances retailer has built a single, aggregated view of its customer base to help with customer service, fraud detection and GDPR compliance, using Apache Kafka and MongoDB's fully managed Atlas database technology.

Why Salesforce is open sourcing the AI technology behind Einstein

Salesforce is open sourcing the machine learning technology behind its Einstein AI platform.

How to avoid overspending on cloud

At the beginning of the cloud computing revolution the idea of just paying for what you use, promised to usher in a more efficient age of IT spending. Although that has certainly been the case for some, there is always the risk of cloud bloat, where a company loses track of its cloud spending across an increasingly disparate range of suppliers and vendors.

NPCI launches Unified Payments Interface 2.0

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) launched Unified Payments Interface (UPI) 2.0.