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BSE adopts an ‘active defense’ approach with Smokescreen
The Desktop Renaissance is Real
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The Desktop Renaissance is Real

The last year or so has seen the dramatic resurgence of the desktop, PC sales decline and marginal rise notwithstanding

Dell End User Security Survey 2017
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Dell End User Security Survey 2017

To find out how widespread the unsafe sharing of confidentialdata has become, Dell commissioned a global survey of 2,608 professionals who handle ...

Cybersecurity - Beyond the box: Vishak Raman, CISCO India & SAARC
CSO Alert: McAfee to acquire Skyhigh Networks
How to reduce cyber risks - A practical guide
Privileged Access Management: The Key to Protecting Your Business Amid Cybercrime’s Current Boom
Enterprise Data Security: The Basics of User Behavior Analytics
Biocon empowers users with secure BYOD
Highlights from CIO Year Ahead 2018
Bausch & Lomb India Achieves Operational Excellence, Ensures Business Continuity, and Reduces IT Costs with Managed Cloud
IDFC can help measure cyber resilience readiness
Keeping pace with the cloud environment: S Raghunath, Professor, IIM-B
Importance of integrated approach to security: Vishak Raman, CISCO
CIO Year Ahead 2018: Event Commentary
Today's data protection: Prashant Mali, Cyber Crime Expert Lawyer
Cloud doubt: Keeping pace with the cloud environment

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