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About Netmagic

Netmagic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, is India’s leading Managed Hosting and Multi-Cloud Hybrid IT solution provider with 9 carrier-neutral, state-of-the-art data centers and serving more than 2000 enterprises globally.

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Create company-wide resilience against evolving security threats

With Pluralsight’s technology learning platform, you can empower your entire organization to recognize, understand and react to rising security risks.

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The ultimate guide to becoming a database administrator

The database administrator is a critically important role in many of today’s IT departments and by extension, their organizations overall.

NextGen security: Thinking further upstream with Dr. Jared DeMott


Pluralsight author and security expert Dr. Jared DeMott covers DevOps in the development realm and, second, endpoint security in the corporate world in this recorded webinar.

On-Demand Webinar: Where to spend your security dollars


Ethical Hacking expert and IT security professional Dale Meredith explains the real cost of a security breach and why you need to make security budgeting a priority before it's too late!

Builders vs breakers: 10 preventable online attacks

In this webinar, security expert and Pluralsight author Troy Hunt shares 10 examples of recent online attacks, assesses what went wrong, and tells you how each system could have been built to be resilient to the attack.

Cyber security roundup: Top 6 breaches of 2016


Hear security expert, Troy Hunt, share his insights on the 6 cyber attacks from 2016 making headlines. And find out why "the year of the breach" is this year...and next year...and so on.

On-Demand Webinar: Build your enterprise security strategy

o two companies are the same, so their security strategies shouldn’t be either. Today, keeping your company secure means building a security plan unique to your business—using smart data and a customer-driven mindset. 

In this webinar, Pluralsight’s Chief Technology Officer Jody Bailey shares strategies from more than 20 years of leading technology teams.