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Leadership guide: Your first 60 days as a CIO

Your first 60 days are divided into two distinct themes: orientation and reconnaissance, followed by envision and planning.

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Trend watch: 7 keys to the future of web applications

Pluralsight shares the 7 trends and technologies shaping the future of web applications. Read on to discover where you should invest in the web in 2018.  

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10 Microsoft tools changing AI in 2018

It’s nearly impossible to have a conversation about emerging technologies today without mentioning artificial intelligence in some form.

Discover the fast path to IT Transformation with Intel Xeon Scalable Processors - Dheemanth Nagaraj

Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, the future forward platform built for secure and agile digital services, is the fast path to IT transformation.  

Creating a digital society: Can we learn something from Estonia?

Estonia has noticeably more women than men. Some of its residents participate in a sport called ‘wife carrying.’ Others enjoy what looks like a high risk swinging activity (no, not that kind). Everyone loves to sing and use Skype.

CtrlS launches Bangalore’s 1st tier-4 datacenter

The company is now launching Bangalore’s 1st tier-4 datacenter, assessed as one of the largest tier-4 datacenters in South India.

Former Facebook India MD Umang Bedi joins Dailyhunt

Umang Bedi, former India and South Asia head of Facebook joins news aggregator company Dailyhunt as President. 

Cloud RoI: Are Indian CIOs moving ahead without it?

When it comes to cloud initiatives, user experience, and agility matters more over financial metrics, reveal tech leaders in India.

Netmagic launches new-gen multi-cloud based hybrid IT services to meet growing demands

The launch of new services will enable the monitoring, provisioning and management of complex IT environments across multiple clouds.

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Enabling digital transformation through agile learning

Building the skills needed to support 6,000+ internal customers as they help global Fortune 500 customers digitally transform takes a modern approach to learning.