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About Netmagic

Netmagic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, is India’s leading Managed Hosting and Multi-Cloud Hybrid IT solution provider with 9 carrier-neutral, state-of-the-art data centers and serving more than 2000 enterprises globally.

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The ultimate guide to becoming a database administrator

The database administrator is a critically important role in many of today’s IT departments and by extension, their organizations overall.

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Data trends in 2018: 7 things you need to know

IDC projects global revenue from big data will reach $203 billion in 2020. By 2025, we’ll produce 180 Zettabytes of data annually, much of it from IoT. And next year, there’ll be 440,000 big-data related jobs in the U.S. alone, with only 300,000 skilled workers to fill them.

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A perfect storm for data center modernization

Transformative technologies such as Analytics and Hybrid cloud help keep businesses future-ready in the data era.

85 percent of firms struggle to comply with GDPR by deadline: Report

39 percent of consumers have increased their spend by as much as 24 percent with firms that are protecting their personal data

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This Is What Scale Feels Like: Software Defined Storage

This is what scale feels like with Software Defined Storage from Dell EMC. Scale your storage when you need it and how you need it

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Software Solutions for File, Block, and Object

Software Solutions for File, Block, & Object Storage by Dell EMC

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This Is What Choice Feels Like: Software Defined Storage

This Is What Choice Feels Like: Software Defined Storage by Dell EMC lets you choose deployment options.

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How Dell IT Beat Performance Issues to Scale its Data Center - Tales of Transformation Ep. 1

When something goes wrong in your data center, don't play the blame game. You need a more reliable solution.

Watch how Dell's IT beat performance issues and got better visibility into storage management while expanding its IT infrastructure.