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37 percent of organisations have implemented AI in some form: Survey

Results showed that organisations across all industries use AI in a variety of applications, but struggle with acute talent shortages.

SAP targets counterfeit drugs with blockchain tracker

SAP has launched a blockchain-based tracking system that enables healthcare providers, pharmacies and wholesale pharmaceutical sellers to authenticate drug shipments.

Mind your metaphors: Why CIOs’ choice of corporate jargon counts

If you work in the corporate world, chances are you've heard one this week. Whether picking the low hanging fruit, riding out the storm or rallying the troops; metaphors pepper every workplace’s internal communications.

How CIOs can prepare for a new world of open data

Treasury’s recent decision to push the open banking ‘switch on’ deadline by over six months is due to concerns around security. Albeit slowly, we are moving inevitably closer to a “brave new world of open data” (a term coined at 2018’s ARCA National Conference), so we cannot view privacy and security as an add-on, or something we ‘have to do’.

Nearly half of APAC enterprises are using hybrid cloud without a formal strategy: Survey

Large enterprises recognize the potential benefits of going hybrid, but also underestimate the importance of a formal strategy, reveals a recent survey.  

Digital transformation: The lowdown from first movers, early adopters and fast followers

Digital transformation is now recognised as key to the success of the enterprise, and many organisations are experiencing a positive return on their digital investments.

Artificial intelligence is the new oil: Rajeeb Hazra

AI is the transformer that takes data and generates insights at a rate and depth that wasn’t possible before, says Rajeeb Hazra, Corporate VP, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation.

Open banking one year on in the UK: where is it at?

After marking its one year anniversary on Sunday, the open banking 'revolution' didn't arrive in year one of the grand project, but to think that it would have done might be missing the point entirely.

Does your company need an AI ethics committee?

​Consumer faith in businesses in most markets worldwide is wallowing in “stagnant distrust” – according to the Edelman Trust Barometer – and Australia is no exception.

How to balance cloud investment risk

The C-suite and boards of directors often think about investment decisions under three key pillars – Will this decision make money? Will it save money elsewhere? And what is the risk?

Bristol is Open CEO reveals what makes Bristol the UK's top smart city

When Bristol reached the top spot of Huawei's UK Smart Cities Index in 2017, the judges gave particular credit to Bristol is Open, a network infrastructure laboratory run by the city council and the University of Bristol.

Artificial intelligence putting junior lawyers’ jobs at risk

An Australian legal technology company has used Amazon’s Alexa to build a prototype virtual lawyer that it says creates legal documents instantly like a real human, threatening the jobs of junior lawyers.