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The Hindu Group Re-Innovates it's IT with Netmagic's Cloud Services
Tech Vision 2017 for the Indian CIO
Harnessing the Power of Open Innovation for Indian Enterprises
Change Your Game For Remote Application Access
Infrastructure Innovation Drives Competitive Advantage in the Digital Transformation (DX) Era
 Enabler to Creator – Adopting Platform Architectures to Build New Businesses
Object Storage Update – Turning Data into Money
 Discover the Increasing Landscape of DNS Threat to Protect Your Confidential Data
Data as a Digital Capital

Data as a Digital Capital

Arjun Vishwanathan of IDC talks about how to leverage the data we have currently in order to be able to deliver capital and business returns to the ...

Availability Enables Digital Transformation
The Future of IOT: Trends, Growth and Megatrend Predictions
 Imagining New Digital Realities

Imagining New Digital Realities

Shalil Gupta of IDC talks in his session about why CIOs and IT leaders should have DX vision than just an IT vision. Shalil GuptaIDC

Google Cloud and Machine Learning
Cyber Security in Big Data World

Cyber Security in Big Data World

Nilesh Jain of Trend Micro says that Big Data exists because of cutting edge technologies and vice versa. In this context, his talk focuses on the ...

 Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Adobe Document Cloud
Trailblazing the Digital Investment Equation
CIO Conversation: Realize Your Potential, Help Organizations to Recruit, Manage, Train, Develop and Connect Workforce
Fast-Track Your Future, Connect to Compete in the Digital Era
Dawn of the DX Economy, Accelerating Towards a “Digital Native” Enterprise
Cognizant Sees Transformation with Oracle Cloud Machine

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