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The 5 point formula for the success of Artificial intelligence

Thanks to fantastic breakthroughs and effective demonstrations of its successes, AI is not like other nascent technologies such as quantum computing or blockchain

Automation, robotics and emotional intelligence: It's metal versus mental

To spearhead the advent of driverless cars, Holden recently announced it would invest $120 million annually in Australian engineering and design. This staggering commitment includes expanding the company’s workforce by 150 engineers in Melbourne alone.

The revolution of self – service at the workplace and why it’s important

64 percent of customer service interactions will be enabled via self-service and 21 percent will include some level of agent-assisted self-service. Consumers increasingly expect to be able to solve most issues on their own, without having to reach out to a brand for support.

HCI: The right (and upcoming) workloads for your hyperconverged infrastructure

When customers ask about HCI for their business, my answer is always the same - it depends on the workloads.

The fourth industrial revolution: The rise of the humans

There’s a lot of talk about the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, building upon the third, which used electronics and IT to automate production. The fourth is characterised by technologies that are blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.

Modern networks taking lessons from nature

What if the technology could mimic and learn from a resilient system? What if we could vaccinate the infrastructure against outages? We might still experience an initial outage, and the pain associated with it, but future outages would hardly be felt.

Jim Barkdoll: TITUS looks at India market as fastest growth opportunity

Fresh from investments through Blackstone Ventures, data protection company TITUS is on the growth mode globally, and particularly in India, says Jim Barkdoll, CEO of TITUS.

Why 5G will disappoint everyone

Wireless connections that are 20 times faster? What could be disappointing about that?

The ubiquity of AI/ML in business plans

Investors are seeing a very high proportion of business plans that leverage AI/ML – to the point where many do not point out that they use AI/ML; they simply refer to applications in slides towards the middle of the presentation.  Something that is representative of the ubiquity of AI/ML and a trend that we are excitedly embracing.

Why everyone is talking about everything talking

Suddenly, we’re looking at voice-first everything — including the voice-first workplace.

The AI fad that is fooling everyone

We all need technology to become simpler and smarter. It is an increasing percentage of financial spend and yet costly mistakes occur frequently.