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Three technological disruptions banks face and how to win the race with test automation

The industry is replete with test automation tools, both licensed and open source. Choices are far too many and it is challenging to identify the right tool. Investing in a wrong tool can rake in excess costs, and also bring down employee morale.

Technology can be fabulous than humans as your asset manager

Asset classes abound, investments have become diverse and complicated. A few progressive UHNIs have adopted the family office model. But most are still dependent on chartered accountants, bankers and investment advisors. Risks are many; solutions are available.

Challenges of implementing RPA in Logistics

Each process workflow is unique to how it’s practiced in a logistics company. This requires a customized approach to integrate all these different processes and automate them end-to-end.The biggest challenge is the lack of pre-built automation solutions that can seamlessly fit across any workflows.

Alok Ohrie: Our idea is to present digital as an opportunity for unprecedented possibilities

Alok Ohrie, President and MD, India Commercial, Dell EMC, believes Dell-EMC is best poised, as a consolidated tech company, to play a significant role in Digital India.

IoT: The two opposing r/evolutions in play

On one hand, large numbers of simple smart devices will power the Internet brains of Apple, Google and Amazon. On the other, NEoSIDs will provide local alternatives as a rebellion to these data behemoths. May the best win!

Karnataka to discuss need for blockchain policy this week: Priyank Kharge, State IT Minister

In an exclusive with CIO India, Karnataka IT minister, Priyank Kharge, revealed he will discuss the need for a blockchain policy with industry stakeholders on February 15, 2018. 

Gaurav Agarwal: CISOs should invest in incident response mechanisms and skills

Gaurav Agarwal, MD, Symantec India, believes the fast changing security and threat landscape demands cohesive CISO-CIO collaboration.

Modern banking: Collapsing boundaries, transcending experiences

In the age of digital natives that can onboard a customer using a single mobile device, a bank’s conventional form-photo-sign onboarding process is clearly a dealbreaker. Here is how to tread the tightrope between regulatory compliance and frictionless customer experience.

Does your IT roadmap include martech?

As a technology leader, if you don’t know the marketing team down the hall, now is the time to introduce yourself.

Optimizing the costs of data lake: Best practices for data analytics cluster to save cost

DataLake cost involves three major components: storage cost, compute cost and license cost. Cost optimization can be achieved by segregating it into data ingestion (Ingestion Cluster) which is compute-intensive, and data consumption (analytics cluster) which is storage-intensive and on-demand compute- intensive.

Convenience isn't king for consumers signing in

Consumers ranked security as more important than convenience in logging on to most kinds of app, especially those related to money, according to a global survey by IBM.

Why AI won’t take your job

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a popular topic of debate across industries worldwide. For many, the possibility of leveraging AI is a positive way to make businesses more productive and efficient, while offering more sophisticated customer offerings.