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Best Practices in Cloud-powered Data Protection

Best Practices in Cloud-powered Data Protection

Backup and disaster recovery represent two of the most frequent uses for cloud storage today, in large part due to the operational agility and appealing cost structure that a secure offsite data repository provides. But protecting organizational data in the cloud is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

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Top reasons to Refresh

Most companies are not refreshing their laptops and desktops often enough, and it can make all the difference. Whether you’re unsure of the advantages new devices will get you, or need to validate ROI over other priorities, here are some reasons why you should make upgrading your company’s systems a top priority.Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside.

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6 Big Sales & Marketing Challenges Solved

Here are six ways sales and marketing can use the predictive analytics solution from Dell EMC, SAP, and Intel to convert more prospects into customers.