Ajay Rambal, LG Electronics India
Aug 30th 2017

Digital Innovation Strategy

The presiding challenge was to manage high volumes of manufacturing and sales data spread across India, which proved to be tedious and time-consuming. The lack of an adequate business intelligence (BI) tool able to convert this data into meaningful analytical reports and dashboards led the company’s top management to implement a BI solution to build the analytical dashboard.

The company used a combination of five tools to successfully design a solution to suit its niche purpose. As a result, the analytical data is now available at daily, weekly and monthly intervals on the click of a button. The data can be analyzed using various permutations and combinations with a drill down approach.

It has helped in several avenues including production quantity improvement, reduction in a shortage of raw material, reduction in labor and manufacturing costs, improved delivery, improvement in quality of product,  reduction in field failure rate, product/model profitability improvement, and sales growth in terms of both quantity and value.