Amit Khanna, WNS Global Services
Sep 14th 2015

Digital Innovation Strategy

With an objective of introducing the next generation omni-channel customer interaction platform, WNS implemented a CIM which offers multiple self-service channels accessible on multiple devices through chat, visual IVR menu or a video session, with just a single interaction. This feature addresses the need for customer interaction, history management across channels, faster resolution, advanced skill-based routing, end-to-end customer life cycle management and self-service through chat bots. The project involves a multimodal orchestration and journey management capabilities that enhance both customer experience and business results.

With automatic prioritization and blending of customer service interaction type like voice, video, e-mail, chat, SMS or other service-related activities, the agent productivity is maximized. It also centralizes development and administration of customer workflow and hence simplifies end-to-end life cycle management of all customer interactions. This integrated solution for infrastructure and workforce optimizes processes and services, and delivers a unified 360 degree customer view.