Arvind Sivaramakrishnan
Sep 14th 2015

Digital Innovation Strategy

To curb the increasing cases of dengue, Apollo hospitals came up with a smart solution which includes real-time updates of the patients’ condition. These updates can be traced using a smartphone. This project offers 24/7 lossless and wireless remote monitoring with pre-settable remote alarm for extreme temperatures. The hospital can simultaneously monitor multiple patients with this new method. A reliable fever trend graph is directly computed and made as a sharable data. Another feature of this project is the fever watch, which helps in identifying whether the fever is continuous, intermittent, remitted or biphasic. This could also help in identification of the disease to prescribe the most effective medication without any loss of time. Fever graph can also infer if it’s a febrile seizure, malaria or a Wunderlich curve of typhoid. Fever watch is helpful for parents, caretakers as well as doctors. It is also useful to alert parents early if their child has febrile fits so they can be prepared for it.