G S Rao, KSK Energy Ventures
Sep 14th 2015
Digital Innovation Strategy
An initiative was taken to digitize and create a repository of various engineering and technology documents of all the power plants of KSK group. For this, the company created a DART interface software and KM Portal. While uploading the documents through the software, an intelligent ‘Document inventory code’ is generated with complete traceability of each uploaded document to respective project location and department/discipline.  
Through the portal, the company is able to cater the successful experience of some employees to the benefit of everyone across all locations 24X7 through the intranet. It also enables reference of various knowledge based documents on the click of a button. Intranet, higher-end hardware environment, virtualization, and storage with high-speed networks made this a seamless experience.
It is a low cost, high return project which benefitted each employee in production environments, as well as planning and support teams. It uses online information to reduce tracking and easy reference at the click of a button.