Kapil Mehrotra, HCL Healthcare
Sep 14th 2015

Digital Innovation Strategy

With the sole aim of improving patient engagement and healthcare experience, HCL Healthcare developed a practice management system (PMS). The main objective of this software was to improve patient engagement, administration and financial management.

Integrated with electronic medical records, PMS enables users to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, perform billing, and generate reports. During registration, the PMS data flows automatically to the EMR to obtain the patient’s clinical information. With the help of internal and new vendor resources, migration to PMS was completed within six months without any major issues.

PMS enabled complete digitalization of patients’ data and reduced data entry errors by 50 percent. Also, the patient’s waiting time for registration reduced from an average of eight minutes to two minutes. The successful implementation of PMS led to an increase of 40 percent in patient care efficiency as it captures only relevant data.