Pratap Pat Joshi, Mercedes Benz India
Sep 14th 2015

Digital Innovation Strategy

Mercedes-Benz India implemented a mobile-based solution for front end sales who interact with customers, either at the show room or at customer locations. The leads are captured in the mobile system anywhere when the discussion takes place.

The lead is then generated in real time, based on the customer prospect, needs and interest. It has a link and the feature to display the product demo to customers on a phone or an iPad. It has the ability to capture customer requirements, and the capability to capture the test drive need. It maps the car model and time slot online, based on the availability at that particular dealer. The lead system analyzes the trend of customer reactions based on his/her mood and feedback. It also provides the customer an opportunity to evaluate the deal and the interaction with the sales consultant.

In addition to better customer engagement, the deployment has decreased the back-end job at the office by doing the transactions only once. It also helped the auto manufacturer save costs in operations.