R P Rath, Quatrro Global Services
Sep 14th 2015

Digital Innovation Strategy

Quatrro is a global services company with over 4000 associates around the globe, offering business and knowledge processing services to enterprises, SMB clients, and retail customers seeking higher operational efficiency, greater flexibility, and lower operating cost. One critical and imminent challenge the company had was in the distributed mail architecture offering business-critical services. Being the primary source of external communication, mail services were gateways to ransomware, spam mails, and infected mails.

Stringent compliance requirements for businesses such as risk and fraud management, in addition to credit and debit card processing for domestic and international banks mandated strong admin and user controls. Over a period of time, businesses chose to go with their own suite of communication and collaboration tools, leaving the IT department reeling under multiple tools to manage with no integration among them at any stage. Keeping the challenges and business priorities in mind, Quatrro decided to explore alternative mailing and communication platforms as part of Cloud adoption practice.

Quatrro took a major initiative in migrating the Mail and Communication platforms from on-premise to cloud. This enabled the rest of the linked services like AD and Business applications as potential candidates for Cloud hosting in future. The company aimed at one single window to bring the entire organization under one platform for all their communication and collaboration needs, independent to medium of communication, with seamless user experience, high availability, and at a cheaper cost.