Ritu Madbhavi, FCB Ulka Advertising
Aug 30th 2017

FCB implemented Project Eternity, a cutting-edge repository solution that uses a unique blend of on-prem and cloud storage, thereby ensuring lightning fast data retrieval. The project offered a two-fold solution – a single shared server on-site, with a substantially larger cloud storage.

The solution rates the data by frequency of use and time, keeping most frequently used data on premise and moving the rest of the data to the cloud. This repository solution was implemented using a unique blend of ASP.net and MSSQL technology and Microsoft Storsimple, allowing users to leverage true hybrid cloud storage capabilities.

This approach allowed the users faster turnaround times without IT intervention. With this solution, the studio users are also empowered to address massive data growth while keeping the IT costs in check by taking advantage of economical cloud storage. The solution proved to be infinitely scalable as the data resides on the cloud. The data is also backed up in a geo-redundant setup.

The first and most important benefit of the innovation is the huge reduction in turnaround time. Eliminating the warehouses from the process has reduced the total time required to retrieve data from warehouse from about three man hours to about three minutes.