Subash Shelke
Sep 07th 2016

Digital Innovation Strategy

Mergers and acquisitions are never easy. Essar Oil’s acquisition by the Russian oil major, Rosneft has set the company on a path of complete business and IT transformation. As Essar Oil, which is a shareholder of Essar group, shares its technologies and IT resources with it, the corporate IT team identified five major areas (IT networks, SAP landscapes, hardware and systems, HR ESS/MSS and web and SharePoint) involved in the transition process.  

The key objective of this project is to address the business requirements and independent control of IT assets by EOL business entity. As the current IT landscape data resides on common storage infrastructure, the highlight of this project is the criticality of moving the existing data to a new datacenter location.

The migration task depends heavily on in-house project teams’ core expertise and knowledge. The objective of this merger and acquisition is to create a larger unified oil industry by bringing in different technology, processes and people with experience.