Vinod G, Ashok Leyland
Sep 07th 2016

Digital Innovation Strategy

To enhance the customer and channel partner experience, Ashok Leyland developed an in-house telematics solution platform. It primarily aims at providing visibility over fleet in real time, aids monitoring the condition of the vehicle, health of the vehicle and exceptions in driving behavior in real-time. It improves the productivity, performance and safety of the vehicles. It also transforms raw data into meaningful analytics and gives out aspects of vehicle operations.

With upgraded service levels, it improves the service revenue, which is of primary interest to dealers. Additionally, real time visibility over the vehicles, vehicle health monitoring and a remote diagnostics feature further aids in addressing the vehicle related issues. For the company, it provides insights into the product design and also helps in devising personalized training modules depending on the drivers’ driving skill. This novel feature of real time health monitoring can generate early warnings of impending failures and predict life expectancy of various vehicle components.