Yagnesh Parikh
Sep 14th 2015
Digital Innovation Strategy
Being first of its kind, ICICI Securities introduces the most comprehensive risk management system in India using real-time big data processing. This solution includes streaming analytics and transforms customer experience and improvises its business.
Earlier, with manual mark to market (MTM), the customers were charged with higher margin percent to protect against volatile market movements. The stock price falls are quick and before the manually operated MTM could run through the stock, the price would have already come down to 10-12 percent or more, hence causing huge lose for brokers and customers. The MTM runs to check through each and every client position to analyze if they have sufficient margins. 
This would consume a lot of time if done manually. ICICI Securities, therefore, decided to make the process automated. Their ‘auto mark to market’ tracks real time trigger price against every client scrip-wise position without a delay. It provides real time risk management and end to end digitizing of mark to market.