It’s time we found alternatives of Aadhaar for digitization of business processes

Aadhaar has become a single platform without any systemic failover plans in place. And this is Aadhaar’s single point of failure.

2019: Year of the edge-centric enterprise

Advancements in AI operations, expansion of multi-cloud storage and a new class of storage memory, will result in intelligent storage that adapts and adjusts in real time, moving data faultlessly while optimizing it. 

Acquisitions as an engine for exits

Most of us are well aware of Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp or Instagram; Google’s purchase of Nest; Microsoft’s purchase of Github. By comparison, since Indian companies have been focused on services rather than products, very few acquisitions have taken place. 

4 tips for easier edge deployments

There are plenty of reasons for organizations to embrace edge computing. By moving applications, data, and computing services to the edge of a network, as opposed to a large data center or cloud, organizations can lower operating costs, improve application performance, reduce network traffic, and achieve real-time data analytics.

Why you shouldn't rush into the cloud

Tech chiefs are feeling the heat to move systems to the cloud. The pressure is coming not just from vendors who see the future of their products in the cloud but also increasingly from CEOs and board members.

Why 5G is a major game changer for cloud computing

The data transmission rates that 5G proposes to bring – (upto 20 GBPS, that’s 20 times what 4G ever promised) – were unimaginable even a few years ago.

Top four trends that will shape the future of intelligent enterprise

2019 will likely see a lot of enthusiasm and initiatives around the ‘intelligent enterprise’. 

New-age technology adoption by top management will help scale business

Outlining key business outcomes and working backwards to adopt agile methodologies with the right mix of technology will help organizations to secure their market share and stay ahead of the curve.

6 blockchain trends in 2019

2018 was yet another big year for blockchain. Organisations across many industries from retail to shipping are using the technology to counter disruptive threats, and push into new markets to create new revenue streams.

Suddenly, podcasting becomes a sound business

Spotify began a buying spree in an apparent bid to dominate podcasting. Here’s what it knows that others don’t.

Create your raison d'être this year

If you know what your organization is going to stand for, for the next 12 months, then you are well on your way to making your own mantra. And it does not have to be linked to the name of any particular technology.

How CIOs can prepare for a new world of open data

Treasury’s recent decision to push the open banking ‘switch on’ deadline by over six months is due to concerns around security. Albeit slowly, we are moving inevitably closer to a “brave new world of open data” (a term coined at 2018’s ARCA National Conference), so we cannot view privacy and security as an add-on, or something we ‘have to do’.