Travel tech to revamp SMEs

Technology is transforming the managed travel landscape, helping level the playing field for SMEs, enabling them to be more powerful.

Symphonize a successful digital transformation to enhance customer experience

The ultimate goal of a digital organization should be to have a strategy where data are identified, curated, referenced and the end results benefit clients with measurable results.

Why the customer is critical to your digital transformation journey

Digital transformation is not about acceding to more technologies or digital technologies like mobility, cloud, internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Secrets of Digital Leaders: How IT Contributes to Digital Success

Discover how, in today’s hypercompetitive business environment, high-functioning IT organizations deliver significant competitive advantage.

How fintech startups are reshaping the financial landscape of India

India’s financial landscape will undergo a marked shift from being dominated by a few big-ticket players to multiple nimble, innovative financial services providers.

Choosing the right API development platform is key for successful IoT rollout

With API development gaining steam in an IoT led world, the significance of API development environment platforms has grown immensely. Explore the criteria to select the right platform that meets your business needs.

Virtual Reality - A futuristic storytelling tool to encourage financial planning

VR and gamifying the investment experience will enable firms to get closer to the customer, create more personalized experiences, and potentially gain more revenue. 

Transforming cultures: Traditional to collaborative shift with design thinking

Design Thinking is not plain old design that makes things look good. It transcends the physical boundaries of design, and applies the principles of design to the way people work.

Key to an entrepreneur’s growth lies in the right coaching

Coaching is a serious business that can yield great dividends. Here’s why young startup founders must consider investing in a coach.

Why product thinking is important for software product development

Let’s take a look at how changing a mindset could help organizations from going out of the market.

Data quality as a safety net for advanced analytics

Ensuring data quality is one of the most powerful ways to get the most out of aforementioned big data investments. And, data quality will have to be consistently maintained throughout all stages of the data journey for the best results. 

Can Facebook be trusted with a virtual assistant?

A look at recent news has a lot to tell us about Facebook’s trustworthiness.