Glimpses of 2018 CIO100

The 13th edition of the Oscars of the IT industry was a celebration of India's finest IT leaders and their exemplary leadership. Here's a throwback at the most memorable moments full of camaraderie, networking, and reimagineering a new India.

CIO100 Hall of Fame Special Award


Getting to the top is one thing, staying there is another. Consistent excellence, year after year, across parameters including agility, boldness and innovation is the hallmark of these IT leaders. The Hall of Fame winners have won four CIO100 main awards from the same organization.

CIO100 Future Tech Leaders special award presented by Pluralsight


The proper balance between future tech and current tech business is not easy. At 2018 CIO100, IDG and Pluralsight launched a brand new category of special awards to honour visionaries who achieved this right. The FutureTech Leader Awards honour companies which have displayed exemplary vision for identifying and deploying relevant future technology skills or creating an environment to make their organizations future-proof.

CIO100 Hyperconverged Infrastructure Pioneers special award presented by Nutanix


Seamless operations between storage networks and servers are critical for the fast-paced modern business. Leading businesses now find the architecture of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) the ideal way to reduce data center complexity and increase scalability. HCI combines storage, computing and networking into a single system. IDG in partnership with Nutanix, launched the Hyperconverged Infrastructure Champions special award in 2018 to honor organizations that embrace HCI to scale and innovate like never before.

CIO100 AI Wizards special awards


Artificial Intelligence is today finding its way into every business—assisting enterprises to drastically improve performance. AI is playing a pivotal role in enhancing efficiencies in all facets of business—customer service, R&D, sales & marketing or even human relations. As data and digital interactions continue to grow, keeping pace would inevitably need the use of AI to cope and drive innovation. In 2018, CIO100 launched the AI Wizard Special Awards to honor organisations that have deployed AI in novel ways to advance their business.

CIO100 Mobility Mavens special award presented by Samsung


Mobility has fostered new business models that is helping organizations run businesses anytime, anywhere and savvy CIOs are therefore sowing the seeds of mobility in their organizations and reaping rich rewards. Samsung, a pioneer in mobility solutions, celebrates its association for the 5th year in a row, as a special awards partner at the 2018 CIO100. The award honours the organizations that have leveraged mobility and delivered measurable business value.

CIO100 Business Transformers special award presented by CtrlS


Cloud computing and infrastructure services are lowering costs and reducing complexity, and at the same time, allowing organizations to scale up. CTRLS has been a change agent in helping organizations transform themselves with cloud computing and advanced infrastructure services. CtrlS celebrates its 5th year as a special awards partner at the 2018 CIO100. The award acknowledges the efforts of the CIOs who have successfully transformed their businesses.