Windows is now officially irrelevant: Here’s why that makes Microsoft happy

Sometimes it’s good not to get all the attention.

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IT teams can build an IoT project in a safe and scalable manner: Alexander Socher, TeamViewer

The IoT Starter Kit aims to empower enterprises to build their own IoT use cases, and not be intimidated by the scale or different aspects of the technology. 

Vulnerability management, surface visibility is imperative for modern CSOs: Gerry Sillars

Skybox Security imparts huge advantage to organizations over the attackers by delivering advanced vulnerability and threat intelligence, says Gerry Sillars, APAC Chief at Skybox Security. 

C-suite and learning: Why upskilling must begin at the top

Leaders need to have a close understanding of how tech can impact their organization and this understanding requires the transition from C-suite to digital-suite.

Retiring technical debt is a top challenge for all-in cloud model: Madhusudan Shekar, Amazon Internet Services

While cloud adoption is a relatively easier decision for startups thanks to a very low entry barrier, for larger enterprises this could be a challenge owing to their technical debt, says Madhusudan Shekar, Head of Digital Innovation at Amazon Internet Services. 

Serving the underserved: Challenges to financial inclusion and tech’s role in overcoming them

Digitally assisted financial inclusion is the need of the hour in India. 

Dealing with ‘organizational myopia’ in the digital transformation journey

While most leaders are now well aware of what needs to be done, major challenges occur during the implementation and integration of platform business models into the existing organization.  

AI can change more than just customer service for the banking industry

In order to take advantage of the emerging capabilities AI can deliver for India’s banking sector, organisations need to look beyond simple automation to more cognitive computing solutions.

Replicate knowledge to save your teams from the future

Defining and replicating knowledge by investing in your team members will help future-proof your company, and save you time and money, too.

The much-needed makeover of clunky enterprise HR tech

In the ‘attention economy’, user experience is the most valuable currency. Here’s how enterprises can capitalize on this trend and stay relevant.

Oracle’s Autonomous Database to prosper in multi-cloud world: Steve Daheb

Oracle’s Cloud Chief Steve Daheb on why a cloud-first world is far from reality for many organizations across the globe.

We are looking to expand cloud technology in India: Selina Yuan, Alibaba Cloud

By leveraging its partners such as Paytm, Alibaba Cloud is aiming for higher growth within India, says Selina Yuan, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International.